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Princess Sophie

Sophie Neveu
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About Sophie: What's there to say? I'm Sophie Neveu, and my life is very interesting. After finding my grandfather (who is not my grandfather at all, really) dead in the Louvre with a message to find Robert Langdon, it got even more interesting.

I'm a French Cryptographer and I worked for the goverment of Paris before I was found and protected by the Priory of Sion. I'm also the last remaining descendant of Jesus Christ, but that's a big secret, and not one that I want to reveal.

People tried to kill me before they knew that, after all.

Inventory upon arrival to hearts_andminds:
1) One empty cryptex
2) One small book of codes
3) A French government-issue firearm
4) One pen/flashlight combination
5) All these things enclosed in a black handbag.

Sophie's H&M voicemail is here.

((Disclaimer: Sophie Neveu is property of Dan Brown. Her movie adaptation is property of Ron Howard, and Miss Audrey Tautou is assumingly property of herself. Some icons on this journal are made with the wonderful Miss M's brushes.))